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wealth management


Bogged down with regulations, dated desktop technology and a mass of customers, wealth management advisors often find themselves unable to sufficiently manage the real needs of their clients. Managing their daily interaction with hundreds of clients with precision is a daunting task that requires many hours spent on tedious manual tasks that removes advisors from spending time serving their clients needs. Our challenge was to create software that will organize clients financial portfolios, goals, and identify opportunities.



Banking & Wealth Management

McKinsey & Company

Toronto,  Canada

Design Research
UX Design Lead
Visual Design Lead


Focusing on the clients goals.

A significant part of wealth management is prioritizing your client’s life goals. Our intuitive life snap shot financial timeline gives the advisor a inclusive view of what financial goals their clients have for the future, and wither their portfolio is on track to reach these dreams.


Diverse empowered team.

Working with a large group of consultants, business owners, and users, it can be easy to have communication issues. Using agile methodology we successfully delivered the app to the client in under two months (from concept to execution). Being colocated in the clients office in allowed for multi discipline teams to better collaborate and rapidly execute on the designs; 

“Russell has a clear focus on the customer in driving impactful design solutions. He has a strong ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders while keeping calm and focused.”


The difference in portfolio between trusted and non trusted financial managers.


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The average number of clients one financial manager oversees.