Net Promoter Score


Net Promoter Score


Our path to success lies in getting people to love our products and services. NPS data gives offering teams a simple way to take the pulse of their users. User feedback helps identify critical issues to address what will provide the most impact, as well as differentiators to promote to a target audience. Over time, a team can track their progress with users as their Net Promoter Score trends up or down.

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All IBM product teams



UX & Visual Design


1_Ask the question

Users are asked to score their likelihood to recommend an offering on a 0-10 scale, with an option to provide additional free form feedback. The question is standard and can be asked across multiple channels such as web, mobile, and email.


2_Calculate the score

Three segments of users are as identified:

Detractors: 0-6
Passives: 7-8
romoters: 9-10

The score is calculated as follows:
% promoters - % detractors = NPS


3_Interpret your score

The possible range of NPS is from -100 to +100. Based on published data, software benchmark data is as follows.


My entire process for designing the NPS application was documented during my Design Talk Webinar with InVision.
Watch the video below to learn more.

We created an application for all IBMers to track their offering’s NPS scores and view feedback from their users.
By reporting NPS openly and reviewing feedback regularly, we insure that everyone at every level of the organization is accountable for creating delightful experiences.
— Jeoff Wilks: Design Director, IBM Cloud Platform


Products on-boarded to the service.


Survey responses / month

30 Responses

Needed to have enough data to
confidently provide a score.